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Compulsory Basic

If you want to start riding, you're gonna have to get your CBT. That's where we come in. With KickStart you can expect motorcycle training in a fun, relaxed yet rigorous atmosphere.

Basic Compulsory Motorcycle Training Gosport

Ready to test

So you've done your basic motorcycle training, and you're excited for the next step. KickStart offers further training from full license and beyond, night riding, motorway riding, and advanced training.

Full License Motorcycle Training Gosport

An experience you
won't forget

If you're looking for quality motorcycle training, then why not check out our success stories page and start creating your own.

Motorcycle Experience Gosport

Here at KickStart, we specialise in giving you some of the best quality motorcycle training in Gosport.
We don't compete on price, but we do compete on the quality of the training and service.

Need to do your CBT?

Look no further

With our team of DVSA approved instructors, we promise to turn you into one of the most skilled riders on the roads.
It all starts with the CBT, so why not come down to Gosport today and start your journey?

Why do I need a CBT?

  1. Every motorcyclist in the UK needs to have a CBT to ride
  2. You'll learn the theory
  3. You'll learn the practice
  4. It will provide you with the basic skills upon which to base a lifetime of motorcycling
  5. Practical on-site and on-road riding

Why choose KickStart?

  1. We're available 7 days a week
  2. Our site offers a private, enclosed, off-road training site
  3. Bike, helmet, gloves, jacket, insurance and fuel all included in the price
  4. Free tea and coffee with lessons!
  5. We work at YOUR pace, not ours!

Our CBT is £110 for a 1 day course or £200 for a 2 day course, your second day (9am-1pm) being extra time on road with your instructor and/or recapping anything you're not sure of. Recommended for the more nervous candidate

A CBT renewal (just or about to expire) is £60 using your bike or £70 on one of ours

?Call 07595 298282 to book!

Are you ready for the next level?

If you've passed the CBT, but want to continue your training, then KickStart can guide you further. Have a look at our Motorcycle Test page to see what we can do for you.

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Looking to improve?
Want to experience
the freedom of the road?

The CBT is just the beginning on your journey to the top.
KickStart can take you from a raw beginner and turn you into
a veteran rider in comfortable, relaxed, steady steps throughout gosport.

Why continue my motorcycle training?

The CBT has given you the basics, but to ride bigger motorcycles and ride them solo you're gonna have to pass the MOD1 and MOD2. Don't worry, with our team it'll be no problem.

What can you expect
from our DAS Courses?

First and foremost, we will tailor your course to suit YOU. Work schedules? No problem!
Most of our post-CBT DAS pupils complete their training and test on a 3-day course. That's 3 FULL days on the bike - unlike some schools we do not book your tests as part of a training day.  
?Prices vary according to your ability and requirements - call us to tailor your course!


Day 1

We introduce you to one of the bigger machines (generally a 500cc bike) to get you used to handling and moving on a larger machine. Get those miles under the wheels and normally by the afternoon you're ready for some real fun and Harry The Honda Hornet makes an appearance! The Hornet is saved especially for the MOD1 and once you try it you'll know why!


Day 2

Mostly preparation for the MOD1 test, either on our training site or if your day 2 is at a weekend we can use the actual DVSA test site in Lee On Solent for practice.


Day 1

Usually the day after your second training day, we take you up to Lee to do your MOD1 test. All about machine handling including slow control and a couple of speed exercises.


Day 3

This is without doubt the most fun day of all! Out on road in the morning doing a decent long run over varied road and traffic conditions - experience of real riding and skills for life not just those required for passing a test. After lunch we stay around town applying that final polish for the MOD2 test.


Day 2

Usually the next day, 38-40 minutes out on road with a DVSA examiner behind you assessing your skills.

success stories

Decided to get back into riding after nearly 16 years as a car driver. I found Kickstart after looking on the Internet for local rider training. I'm so glad I found them. Did my CBT and DAS all with about 5 weeks and had such a laugh doing it. They're very professional and dedicated. Great team, would thoroughly recommend them.


passed his Mod2

I started my training with a different local training school who just didn't seem to care if I passed or not! I then moved onto KickStart Rider Training and it was the best thing I did, just wish I'd gone to them in the start. They're passionate about what they do and know how to cater to your individual needs! I passed first time on mod 1 and mod 2 and had a great time learning with them! I'd highly recommend them to anyone!



Fantastic!! Passed my mod 2 today thanks to everyone down at kickstart. Can't recommend this school enough, in the few days I spent down there I met a fair few students who came away as happy as me, cbt or das course this is the place to go. Got me through everything first time :-) Thanks again to everyone there as they all chip in :-):-)

passed his Mod2

A great place to learn all about bikes and have fun too. Loved that I had the opportunity to ride a couple of bikes. A professional, knowledgable, fun and true biker team. Today I passed my Mod 2 and am now the proud owner of Cat A licence thanks to Gary, Ollie, Jake & Andy for their guidance and company over the last few days - I would highly recommend anyone looking to get into bikes to contact these folks.

Now to celebrate with a cup of tea and start looking for a bike!


Sophie Exton-Woodford

passed her Mod2


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